Mortgage – advantageous way to your new apartment

We understand that financing is one of key points when buying a new property. Therefore we have prepared the most economical mortgage for you and without boring „paperwork“. Our mortgage specialist HYPOASISTENT will help you choose the right mortgage product, recommend the best type of interest rate, arrange translations and help complete all necessary mortgage documents.

Find the offer of the whole Czech mortgage market under one roof and benefit from the special mortgage package prepared for this development project:

  • extra discount on interest rate
  • no processing fee
  • processing apartment valuation 
  • 100% discount on fee for running the mortgage
  • The possibility of extraordinary mortgage payments free
  • you can fix the low interest rate now and draw-down the mortgage when the apartment is finished

If you think about mortgage financing, you can use a quick online mortgage calculator or please do not hesitate to contact us and we will prepare detailed mortgage calculation for you.
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